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10 sentences with awesoem

Awesome is an adjective that means something that is extremely impressive or inspiring.

Example Sentences with Awesome

1. Your outfit looks awesome on you.

2. That book was awesome!

3. Your garden looks awesome this year.

4. I think it's awesome that you're learning a new language.

5. That painting is awesome.

6. The sunset was awesome last night.

7. Your workout was awesome!

8. I had an awesome conversation with my friend today.

9. Your cooking skills are awesome.

10. That roller coaster ride was awesome!

11. The architecture in this city is awesome.

12. The party decorations look awesome.

13. The beach is awesome this time of year.

14. You have an awesome talent for singing.

15. That speech you gave was awesome.

16. Your hair looks awesome today.

17. That performance was awesome!

18. Your enthusiasm is awesome.

19. That sculpture is awesome.

20. I had an awesome day at work.

21. Your piano playing is awesome.

22. That pizza was awesome.

23. Your art project turned out awesome.

24. That vacation was awesome.

25. The fireworks display was awesome.

26. Your sports skills are awesome.

27. That book series is awesome.

28. Your dance moves are awesome.

29. The sound quality on this speaker is awesome.

30. That park is awesome for hiking.

example sentences with awesome


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