10 Sentences Starting with That | That at the Beginning of a Sentence Examples

10 Sentences Starting with That

Here are the examples of sentences starting with "that" word:

Sentences Starting with That

1. That is a beautiful flower in your garden.

2. That movie we watched last night was really entertaining.

3. That book you recommended turned out to be a great read.

4. That was an incredible performance by the orchestra.

5. That decision you made was the right one.

6. That car over there looks brand new.

7. That feeling of accomplishment is hard to describe.

8. That dog is so adorable!

9. That song always brings back memories of my childhood.

10. That painting on the wall catches everyone's attention.

11. That trip we took last summer was unforgettable.

12. That idea you came up with is worth considering.

13. That dress you're wearing suits you perfectly.

14. That restaurant we went to served delicious food.

15. That sunset is absolutely breathtaking.

16. That storm last night was quite intense.

17. That project you completed was impressive.

18. That smile on your face tells me you're happy.

19. That quote you shared is very inspiring.

20. That moment we spent together was magical.


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