50 Sentences of Can | 50 Example Sentences with Can

50 Sentences of Can | 50 Example Sentences with Can

50 Sentences of Can

The "can" is a modal verb that is used to express various meanings and functions.

Here are some 50 sentences of "can":

50 Sentences of Can

1. I can ride a bike.

2. Can you speak Spanish?

3. She can sing beautifully.

4. Can we go to the park today?

5. They can solve complex math problems.

6. Can I have a piece of cake?

7. We can meet at the coffee shop.

8. Can he play the guitar?

9. I can believe you.

10. Can you pass me the salt, please?

11. She can run a marathon.

12. Can we watch a movie tonight?

13. They can attend the meeting tomorrow.

14. Can I ask you a question?

15. We can go hiking this weekend.

16. Can you swim across the pool?

17. He can fix the broken computer.

18. I can wait for the concert.

19. Can we order pizza for dinner?

20. They can speak French fluently.

21. Can I use your phone charger?

22. We can find the car keys.

23. Can you lend me some money?

24. She can dance ballet.

25. I can go to the party tonight.

26. Can we visit the museum tomorrow?

27. They can cook delicious meals.

28. Can I have a glass of water?

29. We can buy groceries.

30. Can you recommend a good book?

31. He can play basketball really well.

32. I can't believe it's already summer.

33. Can we have a picnic in the park?

34. She can speak five languages.

35. Can I take a day off from work?

36. They can fix the leaky faucet.

37. Can you pick up the kids from school?

38. We can go on a road trip next month.

39. Can you help me move this furniture?

40. I can't find my car keys anywhere.

41. Can we have a meeting later today?

42. She can paint amazing portraits.

43. Can I borrow your laptop for a while?

44. They can't come to the party tomorrow.

45. Can you give me a ride to the airport?

46. We can't forget to set the alarm.

47. Can you pass the message along?

48. He can swim across the river.

49. I can't wait to see you again.

50. Can we have a quiet evening at home?

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