50 Sentences of Cannot | 50 Example Sentences with Cannot

50 Sentences of Cannot | 50 Example Sentences with Cannot 

50 Sentences of Cannot

"Cannot" is a contraction of two words: "can" and "not." It is used in English grammar to indicate the inability or impossibility of doing something. Here 50 sentences of "cannot" in English you can also download the pdf on your device:

50 Sentences of Cannot

1. I cannot swim.

2. She cannot cook.

3. They cannot decide.

4. He cannot speak Spanish.

5. We cannot find the keys.

6. It cannot be true.

7. The cat cannot climb the tree.

8. The car cannot start.

9. He cannot lift the heavy box.

10. She cannot run fast.

11. They cannot come to the party.

12. We cannot wait any longer.

13. It cannot be fixed.

14. I cannot see without my glasses.

15. She cannot reach the top shelf.

16. They cannot afford the price.

17. He cannot stop laughing.

18. We cannot understand the instructions.

19. It cannot be changed.

20. The dog cannot find its bone.

21. I cannot remember his name.

22. She cannot resist chocolate.

23. They cannot open the jar.

24. We cannot go on vacation this year.

25. It cannot be repaired.

26. He cannot sing well.

27. She cannot dance.

28. They cannot solve the puzzle.

29. We cannot stay out late.

30. It cannot be done.

31. The bird cannot fly.

32. I cannot eat spicy food.

33. She cannot ride a bike.

34. They cannot find a parking spot.

35. He cannot play the piano.

36. We cannot make a decision.

37. It cannot be explained.

38. The computer cannot connect to the internet.

39. I cannot find my phone.

40. She cannot tolerate the heat.

41. They cannot find their way back.

42. We cannot trust him.

43. It cannot be helped.

44. He cannot stay awake.

45. She cannot resist shopping.

46. They cannot catch the ball.

47. We cannot ignore the problem.

48. It cannot be ignored.

49. The plant cannot survive without water.

50. I cannot finish the task on time.

50 Sentences of Cannot PDF

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